Grain-free cinnamon-coconut oatmeal

First recipe for the “Astounding Auntie How- To Series” is grain-free cinnamon coconut oatmeal for the little bambinos or for your inner child!  Ingredients: 2Tbsp almond flour 1 Tbsp chia seeds Handful of almond slices Coconut flakes  1 Tbsp Coconut butter Dash of Cinnamon 1 date  1/4 c Almond milk Dash or salt Mix in… Continue reading Grain-free cinnamon-coconut oatmeal

Ginger & Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi

Happy Thursday peeps! The past few months my husband and I have been basically on opposite schedules with work, the days he has off I’m working or vice versa. With that in mind we wanted to find a way to make our evening time spent together more meaningful, usually who ever was home earlier would… Continue reading Ginger & Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi

Revolutionary Blog Revamp

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy” -Robert Tew Hey strangers!   Lots of updates and changes on the horizon for the Ambitious Little Sis blog. I’m currently in a season for a revolutionary revamping to improve my vision, goals and personal brand.  I… Continue reading Revolutionary Blog Revamp

WWCK: LP’s twist on avocado toast

Hi lovelies! Hope spring has finally sprung for you all, no matter where you’re at. On Sunday I got some fresh flowers at the local farmers market to bring my spring fever obsession indoors!  For today’s “On Wednesday We Create in the Kithen” I’m sharing my spin on the great avocado toast craze! Avocados are… Continue reading WWCK: LP’s twist on avocado toast

Find your tribe and love them hard.

Get moving and motivated on this Monday and enjoy some fresh air! Spring is right around the corner! Friends are the whipped cream of life…not always necessary but totally worth it! I took a mini hiatus from blog posting because I had a friend in town.  Normally, I would plan ahead the posts and prep… Continue reading Find your tribe and love them hard.

Friday Lindspiration: How to cook perfect eggs 🍳 

Happy FRIYAY! Looking ahead to the weekend it’s a great time to make breakfast and brunch at home with your significant other or friends–so [per request] I’m gonna help you out with my tips for cooking perfect eggs! 🍳❤️👌🏼 Ingredients: Eggs (we prefer pasture raised when possible) and coconut oil (unrefined) 1. Preheat skillet on… Continue reading Friday Lindspiration: How to cook perfect eggs 🍳